Notch Block_Kinect Azure TD2023

Hello !

I am currently integrating a Notch block that uses Azure Kinect in Touchdesigner … when the block is loaded in TD2022.35320 it is executed without problems (with the only detail that the “Apply body mask” parameter in Notch Kinect ) seems to have no effect even if it is exposed to media server. Anyway the reason for my post here is when recreating the process of loading the same block in TD2023.11340 it is not possible to load the file causing TD to crash generating an associated .dmp.

TouchDesignerCrash.2023.11340.1.dmp (585.6 KB).

Thanks for any help! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry for the problem. The issue is likely due to a conflict with the new support we added for Orbbec cameras in the 2023 release. Orbbec makes Kinect compatible cameras, but they use slightly different versions of the shared Kinect libraries and it looks like Notch is trying to access a function that isn’t currently implemented.

I think we can likely fix this, but would you be able to send us your Notch dll so we can test it? If that’s ok, you can send the file to

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Great! I have already sent the file by email. Thank you very much!

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