Notch Block TOP : Camera Transformation between Notch And Touchdesigner

Hello All,

I am trying to align two kinects mesh connected in a notch block/top with exposed Transform Xform parameters. I used @Darien.Brito tool to calibrate the kinect and get the transformation between the two cameras. It works well in touchdesigner but when I applied the same transformation to the mesh in notch, there is something wrong in the rotation.

It seems that there is already a process between the xForm from touchdesigner to the xForm in notch as they do not use the same guizmo (touchdesigner is z-backward and notch z-forward) but the transformations seems to be reflected.

I was wondering if someone could help me finding the right transformation matrix touchdesigner/notch.

Below the touchdesigner preview and notch debug preview :

Thanks in advance,

So after investigation I realise that the Xfrom 3dObject parameter is transformed when passed to Notch. So ne need to scratch your head with spatial transformations.

Our problem comes actually by the way Notch handles the kinect’s point cloud.

Notch use the Color RGB sensor as reference, so when calibrating in Touchdesigner using the TdAzureMerger Tool you need to align the point cloud to the RGB camera (Color). (So the offset you see in the photos above, is the transformation between the physical depth and color sensors).

There is still a little offset in Notch that I didn’t succeed to eliminate.

Hope that helps,