Notch TOP Exposable Arrays

Exposable Arrays for media servers are included in the latest Notch release. I think this would be a huge thing to add to TouchDesigner if it ends up allowing us to send multi-sample data into a Notch Block to control arrays of objects. Notch has mentioned that it’s in their API now and can be implemented freely by media servers.


+1 * 1000 from me.
This would benefit the Notch / TD integration vastly.
I actually have a couple of projects running that really need this and would greatly appreciate if we could get an estimated timeline for this to know if I should be waiting for it or not

Many thanks

+1, this would be wonderful to have.

Upgrading the Notch SDK is on our short-list, along with adding this feature. It should make it into the next official build we release. I’ll post an update here once it’s complete.

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Exposable Arrays will be in the next official build. The parameter will take the form of a CHOP reference.


+1 this will unlock a lot of functionality!