Notch TOP - Timer Fraction / Length Seconds par not functional (45520)

It seems that the timer_fraction and length_seconds parameters don’t function out of Notch Blocks into info chops. Happening in both 44k and 45k experimental builds, win 10 x64.

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Notch blocks don’t expose their end time (and not all blocks would have one anyway) so there isn’t a way to calculate timer_fraction or length_seconds, but we leave them in to be consistent with other operators such as the Timer CHOP.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions, @eric.b .

I suppose it could be calculated by comparing the current frame value of timer_seconds to the previous frame value, every frame, and once current_frame < previous_frame, setting length_seconds to the previous_frame value.

This is of course a rather inefficient approach, especially with Python.

I’ll send an RFE to 10-bit, it ought to be exposed if it’s available.