Notchblock causing crashes

Whenever I have a Notchblock in a project that is cooking while I close Touch, I can´t reopen the programm. It crashes with a fatal error. Opening in save mode, deactivating cooking and launching againg solves it. Is this a known issue?

I am running TD Pro build 2019.36500 on a Razer Blade Studio.

Here is the crash report:

TouchDesignerCrash099.2019.36500.2.dmp (232.7 KB)

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get much from the dmp other than that it’s crashing in the Notch block.

I tried to reproduce with some of my own blocks but was unable to. Do you get the crash with every block or just a specific one? Does your saved toe file have just a Notch TOP in it?

It´s actually caused by the Razer Core X EGPU I have connected.
When its not connected I´m not having the issue.