Nuerosky eeg and video control question

Hello everyone.

I am a beginner of TD. However, I would like to use TD for my project.
so my idea is
Using NueroSky EEG headband and video mapping.
For example, the EEG has about 8 signals like beta, delta. If the beta signal is the highest, the video1 is on. and If the delta signal is the highest, the video2 is on. (each video is a group of videos 2 or 3 in a container).

Now I have the example file of Jesse Scott.

It is very good example but I have no idea how to fit in my idea.

I will really appreciate your help!


I am a beginner too and have not used the audioAnalysis tool on the Palette yet but if it goes low enough in frequency to alpha, beta, delta frequencies down in the 3-20 hz range you could probably use separate band pass filters to separate out the different bands. I will warn you though I made a brain controlled synthesizer way back in university and the instant you start thinking of a math problem or sex all alpha state waves stopped and the higher frequency beta kicked in. So the degree of control sucked. By meditating I could gradually build up alpha waves in a very noisy pattern over a minute or two but when fed into a quantizer I built to play notes it just jumped around like crazy. Nothing at all close to playing notes on a piano with fingers. So I am guessing the user will be very distracted by switching videos. But try it out and see if you can get any decent control. good luck! and let us know!

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thank you for answering my question. I will try to use audioAnalysis tool for my project.
and let you know about my result.

If you have another idea of the project let me know thanks!

What worked somewhat in the early biofeedback days with my device was listening to a tone that got higher in frequency as alpha wave intensity increased. You could kind of zone in on that and stay relaxed but still gradually increase alpha over a period of a minute or more. So I am thinking with visuals rather switch videos maybe do some sort of more gradual transformation on the same toe file that would change colour and shape etc very slowly so as not to distract you into beta (the more normal conscious state we live most of our day in, while concentrating. It is certainly worth trying and I am very curious how you do.

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