Nuitrack integration

With the disappearance of the kinect V2 and the uncertainty around the kinect V4 (for azure) , Nuitrack is the only available solution for skeleton (and face) tracking .
I made some quick test ( with D415 and D435) and it works pretty well. Tracking works even in portrait !
The company and team are very responsive and invested in supplying a good product.
Licensing is changing with new annual option ( not linked to a sensor)

Does anyone has played with it ? Any feedback ?

+1 on that one.

Looks like a really good compromise to not having to use Kinects anymore and going with something more reliable.

Also they have a pretty complete SDK, with a C++ example / plugin for Unreal Engine that could be of use for TouchDesigner. Also have a Unity example in C#… We just need to add Touch to that list :mrgreen:

+1 I would love to do some skeleton tracking with my realsense