Nuitrack Skeleton Tracking plugin for TouchDesigner


Hi there!
This is the Nuitrack Team, we are excited to announce the :rocket:beta testing of the Nuitrack Skeleton Tracking plugin for TouchDesigner.
If you’re interested in Skeleton Tracking :man_dancing: with Orbbec, RealSense or Kinect sensors (v1, v2, Azure) :movie_camera:, you’re welcome to try out package :package:


hey Nuitrack team, that is great news!
It’s already many years ago I had some contact with your team about possible future custom integrations, happy to see you guys are still pushing ahead, and welcome to the TouchDesigner community!


Wow, this is ridiculously timely :slight_smile:

Working on a project that 100% needs this!!!

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Hello @vsPiotr,

Thank you for your interest in Nuitrack plugin for TouchDesigner.
Have you had a chance to try it out ?

Please let us know in case of any technical issues send us an e-mail:

FYI - First Experiments with Motion-based Sound Design in TD (based on Nuitrack).


I just imported the plugin to TD and got the following error on the CHOP:

“Invalid API version returned from .dll file”.

How can I fix this?

thanks a thousand!
Could this be compiled for macOS?
I am really looking for an alternative to kinect on macos since there is no support out there. would be really nice to have the orbbec astra on macos

hi @tonyschuite,
Nuitrack does not support macos, so this plugin is only available for Windows.

hi @krivi,
Which version of TD are you using?

I am using 2021.13610

hi @krivi,
The plugin is compatible with TouchDesigner version 2022.32120 or later.

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@nuitrack @ir4kli it looks like this plugin doesn’t work with the latest 2023 TD release - can you confirm? Also, if we wanted to use this with a licence how do we install the licence so the TD demo knows we have this and therefore lasts longer that 10 minutes?


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Hallo @Recursive @ir4kli , i have same problem…I can only use approximately 10 minutes. I use a perpetual license. Is there a way to be able to use it unlimitedly?