Null selective cooking check range

The documentation is oddly worded about the check range.
What it seems to actually do (and what we look for when checking the doc) is how to selectively cook the null but take into account multisample changes. And thats what check range does but the way its worded it seems to mean that it looks for sample number changes only.

It could also be mentionned in the selective cook portion that unless check range is selected, the null with look for changes only in the first sample. That would save a few new users headaches :wink:

Check Range checkrange - Recook when the Null CHOP channel range changes.

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Yeah I noticed this too, the wording really could be interpreted multiple ways, though based on context clues in the rest of the documentation, the most logical interpretation doesn’t seem to match up with the actual implementation.

I feel like it’s not a big deal / just splitting hairs - until someone actually does need to cook ONLY when the non-first sample VALUE changes and explicitly not when the NUMBER of samples changes, but I honestly can’t think of a situation where that would be the case.