Nvidia Background | Failed to load feature

Windows 11 x64bit machine.
TD version: 2022.29850 & 28040

Nvidia Background TOP not functioning. Loads SDK 0.6.4 from Nvidia

Error: Failed to load feature: There was a problem deserializing the inference runtime engine (/project1/nvbackground1)

-I suspect this to be a conflict with the latest SDK for 4xxx series GPUs not retro-supported to 0.6.4
(this error is also produced with the denoise TOP as well)

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Ive run into the same issue. Did you figure out a fix / solve?

I learned that the RTX4xxx series GPUs use a different AI model - thus making the nvidiabackgroundTOP, denoiseTOP, and facetrack operators unusable. There is currently no solve, and there is no roadmap to include functionality.

A solution would include waiting for derivative to update their software to reflect use of the new GPUs. Alternatively, RTX2xxx and RTX3xxx series cards will work.

I’m having this exact issue. Anyone find a solution yet?

I’m running into the same issue, new show machine is a 4090 laptop and this pretty much renders all my Notch IMAG blocks useless on the current machine as I use TouchDesigner as the media server. Looks like it is still borked after the latest release too.

Yeah, unfortunately the Nvidia library in the current release does not support the 40xx series cards. We have tested the update internally, but it breaks some other systems that still rely on the older shared CUDA/cuDNN libraries. We are still working on a solution and will hopefully be able to let you guys know something soon.

Great! I was just about to post this! Recently upgraded to a 4090 but now missing that awesome functionality :sob:

Any progress? I managed to upload dll from sdk 0.7.2 nvidia maxine and nvidia background works but very badly. There are a lot of glitches. Is there a chance that before the end of the year there will be a version supporting rtx 40xx cards?

Sorry for the delay on this. We do have something in the works that is really close to ready. It’s being held up by an unrelated feature at the moment. I’ll discuss with the team here and see if I can get a more specific answer for you.

Following up: we don’t have a release date yet for an official update, but if anybody needs a solution in the short term to continue working, feel free to message me directly and I can send you our internal build.

Hi, we upgraded our hardware and just now found this post… Could you share an internal build? It will be at least a temporary solution.

Hi, we also faced this issue, and we have no option due to other projects constrain…
It would be really great if you could share the internal build supporting rtx 40xx cards. (I am usnig 4090)

Sorry for the delay here. I think we’ve got something more official for this coming soon, but I’m not sure on the release date yet. In the meantime, if you need a version that supports the 40xx series cards then you can try this build: Dropbox - TouchDesigner.2022.33576.exe - Simplify your life

Note: the CUDA/TensorRT modes have been removed from the Kinect Azure because they conflict with the updated shared Nvidia libraries and there may still be some stability issues with the ZED Top that we are working on.


I really appreciate your help! I tested with my environment (Win11, RTX4090, Nvidia drive 529.01), and Background and FaceTrack work perfectly. Thank you so much for your prompt response.

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Hello, I ran into the same problem with RTX 4060.
A simple solution would be use Camera (NVIDIA Broadcast) as your device. Go to camera in the NVIDIA Broadcast app and Turn on Background Removal under Effects.

The latest release fixes this.

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Hi, thanks for the internal build. Does it work with my license key before Jun 2023?

Hi - This file was removed and shouldn’t be used as it was experimental and for testing only.

The latest version of TouchDesigner available should be used, or one cover by your license key.