Nvidia .dll on AMD Radeon


I’m wondering if Nvidia Flow Emitter and the FlexCHOP could be used in some way on a Hackintosh with AMD Radeon RX 570 8 GB .

I have already installed .dll’s from Nvidia library and works fine on my Window’s (Nvidia graphic card), but I would like to use it with my Radeon graphic card that in my case is more powerfull.

Any ideas? is there an equivalent for this CUDA’s version of the library?


Nope, unfortunately they can’t. Nvidia spends a massive amount of resources to create attractive and free software solutions which will only work on their cards (such as CUDA, Flex and many many more) , which causes bigger sales of nvidia cards. It’s the Nvidia (and Apple) way to stay the biggest in the market, and it’s working pretty well for them.

Short answer it won’t work on a mac, but they actually have a directx/directcompute version of flex, which works on amd cards but windows only. Anyway the flexChop uses the cuda version of the library, not sure about Derivative’s upcoming official port (that one Nvidia Flex Build)

Curious why the derivative wiki says nvidia flow (https://docs.derivative.ca/index.php?title=Nvidia_Flow_TOP) is only nvidia gpus, where flow is actually directx only so should work on windows/amd unless it’s something specific to the implementation in TD.

They were targeting Unreal Engine for a while, which I guess is why they had directx versions, but anyway, they stopped updating all the gameworks stuff a while ago, including their unreal engine ports, it seems they’re only interested in raytracing and AI these days.

Thanks to both! Understood.

I’m going to take a look at Nvidia Flex Build by the way.