Nvidia Flex Look At ? Setting Flow direction

I’d like to try having the Nvidia Flex fluids to flow to the direction of my mouse (i have a geo attached to it for now), and so i thought the look at option in the x form may be the way to go, but I’m not sure if I’m doing this right, the particles just end up instancing from my mouse(/geo) ?

I’d like to have the particles fluid flow to the direction of the mouse/object including natural rotation is that possible?

just a basic nvidia flex setup
2D Flex 3.toe (9.6 KB)

I’d be grateful for some advice :smiling_face:

Try experimenting with the Force COMP, you can create Force Fields with it that Flex interacts with.

Thanks for the suggestion, I think it works with the general direction,
but is there a way to calculate the xform rotation of the actor to rotate towards a target?

grateful for some suggestions. :smile: