NVIDIA Flex- tutorials, .toes, tips

Extremely inspired after seeing Vincent Houze’s amazing work with NVIDIA Flex

Also this thread
derivative.ca/Forum/viewtop … =19&t=6907

ok, so how can I get started? Anyone know of any tutorials, or bare bone .toe files to get me started?

If you want to play with Flex in TD, the way to get started is to do what Vincent did, download the Nvidia Flex SDK, and try to write a working C++ dll, a “Flex” CHOP. Get your inspiration from the C++ example in the Flex SDK and the TD C++ CHOP example.

See here for more info:
derivative.ca/wiki088/index. … usPlus_DLL


How about your writing in “Flex” chop. I really wonder how it could be!

From vincent houze:

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hi forum members

again after quite an effort to compile this great piece from vincent i have to give up, im not smart enough to get it work!
has anyone in the community compiled it and is able to share the dll to the rest of us?
it would be very nice to get finally hands on!
thank you

The DLL file is there, get the FlexCHOP-Release0.1.zip file from releases page: github.com/vinz9/FlexCHOP/releases

You need a Commercial or Professional license to use CPP plugins. (corrected - thanks @landonth)

Commercial -or- Pro license for C++ ops / plugins.

…aha, so i totally overlooked that there is a “new” file on github!
thank you very much!
very very nice!
have a great day luca

snif, can we pay monthly? if we sign up for a year lets say.

C++ nodes work in non-commercial in the 2018.40000/2019.10000 series of builds

Great news for everyone then, now lets see if we can make it work! thx for that precision.

my computer died few weeks back, so now on laptop so not tried working the fluids in weeks, hopefully its just motherboad.

Hi , me again, so after installing experimental build and visual studio, I get failed to load flex.dll, the file is in right path. what can I do to debug situation from there? thx

or you think maybe graphic card is too low to even load dll or something.
This laptop is quite weak m850 nvidia. i was hoping i could still try with just few splashs

Hey there,

Make sure you copy the other nvidia dlls alongside the flexChop.dll, from the readme :
“You also need to manually copy the flex .dlls (NvFlexDeviceRelease_x64.dll, NvFlexExtReleaseCUDA_x64.dll, NvFlexReleaseCUDA_x64.dll) from flex\bin to CHOP\Source\Release or the FlexChop dll will fail to load.”

Except not CHOP\Source\Release but the TD plugins path.
Will update the doc/toe for the new experimental builds at some point.

thx Vincent , I actually did this already, but I’ll give it an other bash!

Ok so you think it has something to do with me using the 99 version? I see, because I did copy past dll file and the 3 others in plugin path and still red everywhere.

TD88 doesn’t have a plugin folder!*??

we are making progress here, it feels.