Nvidia Flow and Vive render


Is there a way to use Nvidia Flow with Vive render ?

I have one Nvidia Flow emitter and 2 Flow TOPs for each eyes, linked to their respective cameras.
It seems working if I have no frame drops, but if my framerate goes down a little bit, the two FlowTOPs start to shift / desynchronize each over. (I use a HOG chop to simulate frame drops)

Is there a way to keep it constant in stereo ?

.Toe file in attachment.

FlowVR.toe (7.7 KB)

Thank you !


No answer ? Anyone interested in seeing Nvidia Flow in stereo VR?
Maybe just not possible ?

The Nvidia Flow render is rendered only in the Nvidia Flow TOP so you are limited to compositing it into your 3D scene or using it as a texture on some geometry or sprites.

Thanks Ben for your answer.

Any chance to see “Multi Camera Hint : X-offset stereo cameras” appears in Nvidia Flow TOP parameters one day ?


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Another vote to decouple simulation from rendering to support multiple cameras! (might as well do more than 2 :wink: