Nvidia Flow emitter crash

Hi there,

I try to work with Nvidia flow emitter, but it crashes every single time I start playing around with the parameters (not even going crazy yet, just the basics)

I got a Titan GTX (12Go) graphic card which is suppose to handle those kind of particule system easily, I have check my GPU monitor, it is not overheated, nor over specs limits.

Does anyone experience the same issue with Nvidia flow emitter?

During the last several days I did also a lot of playing around with the Flexsolver, with and without an Emitter. I had also several TD crashes, always when I changed something. The simulation itself runs if it runs, also for a long time.
Changes could be some of the parameters, but also SOPs. Until now impossible for me to repro. I will do a lot more during the next days and will try to document better, if possible - now that I know it not only happens my machine.
I use mostly an acer helios 300 with a GTX 1660 TI GPU.

Do either of you get .dmp files you can share with us?

@Joan_Giner Interestingly you are not the first person with a Titan I’ve heard with these issues.

What graphics drivers version (exactly the version from Nvidia.com like 441.47) are you running?

Ok so update about the bug.

I run GPU tweakII to overclock my graphic card.
That was the main issue, it causes memory overload errors.

So I came back to normal “gaming” mode and it works almost fine, meaning I can setup an emitter and play around and save before it crashes.

The intersting thing is when I try “silent” mode which is suppose to slow down memory usage, the computer simply shuts down, even with a basic TD session.

Maybe a GTX issue?

My driver version is : 445.87

The challenges of stable overclocking are real. Don’t think there is anything we can do to TouchDesigner to fix that unfortunately.

Hi Ben,
My computer runs with OC graphic card since 3 years without any repetitive crash on any software, going from premiere to C4D, to after effects or madmapper, or NI software for sound, nor latest video games with all best visual options activated.
The computer is used to run some massive sessions mult-apps, multi-player and multi-output 4K. Obviously my OC is very stable for all other tasks, therefore I wouldn’t charge all the fault on my GTX!

In ordrer to try to undersand better the issue, I have installed Nvidia Nsight to have a more specific report and analyze what’s going on. I will share next time it happens.

Yeah, well if you turned of the OC and it became stable, whatever the settings were, they might not be compatible with TouchDesigner’s engine. Game engines are also like this, some games run overclocked, other will not.

Another thing I recently ran into on my Geforce is the latest “Game Ready” drivers were very buggy, I had to uninstall them. I went with Nvidia’s “Studio Drivers” on my GTX and they worked much better. This was just the recent April Game ready drivers with the issue, it’s not typically a problem, ymmv.