Nvidia Flow Emitter

So the issue with the flow emitter is the following:
I use a flex to generate particles and I use the silhouette of the render as the shape TOP in the flow emitter and it works fine…until I close TD… When I restart the software the smoke generated by the flow emitter disappears, I need to change the type of the emitter to something like Sphere and then change back to Shape Top to have the smoke back…
The initialize/start of the nvidia flow is the same as the one I use for the flex solver (which take either keyboard, a trigger after few frame of perform mode and a trigger after few frame with absTime). But when I relaunch TD it seems not to work as even a pulse on start or initialize don’t change anything for the smoke and only a change in the emitter type fix the issue…
Am I doing something wrong? Is this a common issue? Is there any better/easier way to fix the issue than writing a python script to change the emitter type after some delay?
Best regards