Nvidia GPU overkill for DMX light installation?

I’m shopping for a PC to run a sound & DMX light installation and wondering if an Nvidia GPU is overkill. I’ll likely need to run Ableton Live and TouchDesigner simultaneously which currently makes my 2019 MacBook Pro cook. Is RAM and a good CPU what I should be looking at instead? I’m not doing any heaving lifting with video and only using 3D sparingly for visualization. Basically I’m just sending DMX data from Lookup CHOPs to about 2000 LEDs using the Advatek PixLite. I thought I heard at some point that CHOPs are CPU intensive.

CHOPs are not CPU intensive, but they run only on the CPU, that is correct.
Sound like a reasonably fast CPU is your main goal here indeed. I’d guess 8GB RAM is already enough for only Ableton and TD. You are correct that you don’t need a top of the line Nvidia card. But take care, some cheap some onboard Intel GPUs can be too slow.

I decided to spec out a decent computer with a mid-range Nvidia GPU and decent CPU along with 16GB of RAM. While I’m not working with video now, I may dabble in it at some point so I think it’ll be good to have. I went with Elburz recommendations which were super helpful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRTNgx4Lyw8

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