NVIDIA H.264 encoder alternative for RTMP Sender in Video Stream Out TOP (MacOS)

For a project I’m implementing live streaming to YouTube in TouchDesigner. I was really happy to hear that RTMP Streaming is now supported! The only thing is that it isn’t yet supported on MacOS, because it’s using the NVIDIA H.264 encoder. I’m using Syphon Spout Out at the moment, but it would be great to keep everything inside of TouchDesigner instead of Syphon or NDI to OBS. I hope this is even possible, would help a lot in streamlining the project.

Hi - yes this is quite high up our list - watch this space…


Hey, it’s 2 years later and RTMP Sender appears to still be Windows-only. Any progress on this?

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still high on my want list too!

Any updates on this? Will this be supported eventually? @bangnoise

Hi - yes, we’re still keen to achieve hardware encoding across all supported Windows and macOS systems. Afraid I can’t give a timeline yet.


Thanks for your reply, that’s good to hear. Hopefully soon! :smile: