Nvidia rtx 2070


Im browsing for new graphic cards and i’ve been recomended the GTX 2070 many times. However many people reported that they were dying as short as 2 weeks after getting them and NVIDIA did admit they had some factory errors. Anyone has some experiences with that? And if if it is true can anyone recommend another solid graphic card ?

Thank you

I have an RTX 2070 since a year in my TouchDesigner dev machine and it’s performing solid as a rock for me. I use it full time for TD. Maybe an older first batch had some issues? but not mine.
I would def recommend to get this card for TD work. Best price/performance ratio

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I had the NVidia branded RTX 2070 die on me pretty quickly when I originally bought it, but they replaced it free shipping and everything and it’s been rock-solid ever since.

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Just buy a card from a reputable retailer that has a warranty and you’ll be fine.

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Hey, thanks for you answering!

Do you think if i get a laptop that’s already integrated with a 2070 it would be safer? I can’t do shipping in my country its not reliable at all.

Probably not, but also I think they’ve ironed out the kinks in the 2070 by now - as long as you don’t end up with one that’s been sitting on the shelf forever.

It may be smarter to get one of the slightly newer 2070 "Super"s? or if it’s a specific card / manufacturer that has released their regular 2070 more recently, I think there’s less chance of having a problem. So I guess also if said laptop is very recent you might also be fine too.

There’s really no great answer to this question - the real answer is “don’t rely critically / solely on one computer or component” which I know is not a really helpful answer, but unfortunately it is the unavoidable reality of working with niche / high performance consumer computing.

I have a laptop and a desktop that I can switch between, and an older laptop and older desktop that are “good enough” that I could fall back on if the newer one or both laptop and desktop fail, but yeah like Evan said, you are best served by buying from a reputable source (which may be a little more expensive) since they will have more robust return / warranty abilities, and then assume that worst case scenario, you might be without said card for up to a month if something fails and you need to RMA it.

Sorry there’s not a better answer.

Thanks for the detailed answer! You’re right paying a bit extra is definetly worth for solid return policy