Nvidia RTX A5000

Hi everyone,

I am looking at buying a new GPU. I am currenty working with a 2080Ti but would like to have more VRAM for more complex scenes and datasets.

I was looking at the 3090, but since it’s almost impossible to buy this card right now, I am thinking about going with an A5000. I am using a small form factor case (Dan A4), so I am limited to 2-slot cards.

Has anybody ever worked with this card before? Are there any things to consider?


Just moved up to the A5000. Previously using a P5000.

Great card all around - no regrets so far.

The only consideration to keep in mind is that quadro cards tend to be focused on precision for workstation applications. Great for 3D work, video editing, TouchDesigner dev, etc. That said, the consumer line is likely to perform better when it comes to games - you’ll still see better performance over the 2080 series, but the consumer cards tend to bench higher in a pure gaming context.

Only other consideration here is that connectors are display port only. The card ships with one display port to DVI connector. If you’re not all display port yet, just make sure to pick up some extra adapters.


Just to add here, TouchDesigner and Houdini (unless this is planned to change, or has changed recently) only operate on single precision (32-bit floating point)

With how hard a 3090 is to find these days though, it may be the better option and still performs well from every benchmark I’ve seen (the a5000) Just not quite as good a deal (msrp to msrp - RTX v Quadro)

This is also reflected in other graphics software, ex. Blender/Cycles benchmarks, among other common raytracing/rendering workloads.

The gaming cards typically end up with higher clocks and faster RAM (although non-ECC) but less precision for CAD workloads. Almost always a better deal for graphics work, if you can actually buy one. ~Most~ graphics workloads are single precision, in my experience. The exception being high precision simulation or things like very deep fractal generation.

Good luck on the upgrade! Should be amazing whatever you end up with =)

Edit: Just realized how old this post is, sorry for the bump!

@Trith - the other element to consider when deciding between quado and rtx line are the sync and multi-display features of the quadro line. If you need to sync multiple cards / machines, and / or you’re working with many outputs directly off the card you usually end up with better performance from Quadro. Tearing and sync can be a real hassle to track down on the consumer cards.

Another colleague recent added an A5000 card to one of their production rigs, and it’s also worth noting that color reproduction is slightly different between rtx and quadro (at least according to what he was seeing).

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