Nvidia Toe file frozen when re opening

Hello everyone!

I have a project where I’m using the Nvidia Facet Track Chop (v 2021.16410). I have 16 instances of it since we need it to track multiple faces in different locations of an installation. When I started working on the file, it was running fine at 60 FPS without any trouble, then it crashed randomly on me. After that whenever I try opening it, it opens but it’s just frozen and completely unresponsive, and as soon as I start doing something with it, it crashes.
I downloaded the latest experimental version and have been able to open it without freezing a couple times and work on it, but generally it’s just frozen when I open it.
I really need it to be reliable and make sure that every time I open the file it will run and currently that’s not the case.

Any help or leads with this issue would be greatly appreciated. If it helps, I can provide the file as well.
Thank you all.


Hey @techmd

What GPU are you using and can you confirm that your drivers are up to date?

Does the loading pass the splash screen or does it get stuck at 100%?

You can copy your file and rename it CrashAutoSave.toe - this will prevent operators from cooking and getting fully loaded. You can see if the file loads and then eventually delete parts of the network. If you suspect it’s all related to the nvidia CHOPs, delete them, save the file under a new name and reload. If nothing changes it could be that it is not related to nvidia CHOPs.

You can also try to use WinDbg and see if you can catch an error that is causing a hang on your file Using WinDbg to Debug Crashes - Derivative


Hey Michel,

Thank you for your answer and suggestions. I started removing components to see what was making it freeze on load. Turns out it was the video stream in TOPs from RTSP feeds. I have 4 of them coming into the nvidia face track chops and when TD opens, it tries to connect to all of them at the same time which makes the app to freeze and become unresponsive.
The solution was to bypass them by default and enable them one by one after the app is running and after each video stream established its connection. Not sure if this is a common issue with video stream in TOPs but this method is working for me now.

Thanks again for your help!


Glad you have a solution for now.

I will try to reproduce the issue with the Video Stream In TOPs.

What GPU are you using and can you confirm that your drivers are up to date?


We have an RTX A4000 and we have driver version 471.11, which we know is not the latest one version but since this is working now we don’t feel like upgrading it, unless you think that could help with this problem.



Not sure. I tried to reproduce and couldn’t so far.

You could give a try to a driver update.