Oak D lite crashing touchdesigner when opening example files

Hey, I’m very much a noob, and i have a very hard time understanding Touchdesigner (although i think its fun to learn) and how it works. I’ve goten alot of help from my friend who i a touchwizard!

Anyhow, i just bought oak-d lite and when i try to initialize some of the example files from touch own sample browser, touch designer crashes… I have no clue why and if it is my computer that doesn’t have enough computing power for some of the examples, but even some of the “basic” ones makes touch crash.

I suspect that its not only the lack of computing power that is making it crash, cuz when i look att my Cpu and Gpu i only goes up to lik 30-50%

I’ve been reading a bit on Touchdesigner’s website trying to understand if I’ve done something wrong… maybe installed something that collides with touchdesigner?

have anyone else stumble on to something similar? or have an idea why this is happening??