OAK SDK : SelectTOP pointCLoud generation?

Hey there,

I need to understand what is going on under the hood with the OAK selectTOP and the option to switch the output between depth and pointcloud.

How is the point cloud generated from the depth map?
Is it generated inside of TD with the calibration data of the camera (intrasic)?
or do you use the point cloud node of depthAI?

For those interested, Luxonis will be releasing the new series of OAK RCV4 running on the latest Qualcomm® QCS8550. They will surpass the processing power of the Jetson Orin.
This will be a real game changer to run complex processing and NN on the edge device.

Hey @snaut Markus ,

Sorry to ring the bell and in full preparation of the Berlin’s meeting, but You might be the right person to answer that question.


Sorry we missed this earlier. The point cloud is currently being generated in TouchDesigner using shaders. These were the references we were using to get the camera intrinsics and do the projection:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey Rob,

Thanks for the detail answer and great that derivative has integrated the full calculation directly in the operator via a shader.