Object CHOP slows with Actor COMPs

I’m trying to use an Object CHOP to find the distance between an Actor COMP with 8 instances and another Actor COMP. Whenever I try this, though, my project slows down to 25 fps, or even slower. The Object CHOP is fine if it’s working on a single sample, but if I change the output to account for multiple samples, that’s when it starts giving me grief. I’m confused as to why this is, especially since it does not appear to be a computational problem; if I calculate the distances with individual Object COMPs, Touch is fine. I imagine even a numpy based scriptChop would do the trick.

I’m attaching the .tox, but it has a couple external dependencies, so not sure what someone else could glean from it.
distance_between_actors.tox (503.5 KB)

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