Obscura Digital is Hiring Senior Interactive Engineers

Obscura is looking for a Senior Interactive Engineer to help bring to life a diverse mix of projects ranging from interactive large-scale projections to complex multi-display installations to intimate single user interfaces with personalized interactions, many of which involve R&D. A Senior Interactive Engineer must have the ability to work alone or in teams, incorporating input from a diverse group to integrate contributions into a final production ready system. Interfacing with a broad range of hardware and software systems, the Senior Interactive Engineer is responsible for the final showtime operation of events and software for installations and interfaces. Working on a project from conception through execution, this position benefits from a broad range of skills such as IT, realtime graphics, scripting and hardware integration.

As a Senior Interactive Engineer at Obscura, you will help to concept, design, and communicate a wide range of experiences ranging from passive to interactive, environmental to screen based, physical to digital.

● Expert in multiple development languages and platforms in the Obscura toolbox
● Independently guides the project development team during conception and production
● Recommends appropriate technologies for the development of new projects
● Partners closely with other departments (Art and Creative Services): translates designs into code, develops and displays content and manage media assets, implement intuitive user interfaces
● Pull together input from other project team members into a cohesive and stable system
● Work with media team on specifying playback conditions and templates for proper content display and manage media assets
● Provide support for ongoing installations as needed
● Keep the departmental and other management fully informed of problems and progress in a project
● Apply best practices for efficient and effective development; look for opportunities to streamline and fully utilize current and new technology solutions
● Work closely with departmental and other management to ensure projects are delivered on time, to a strong level of quality and with expectations of high uptime.
● Maintain an inclusive process that empowers entire project team to contribute to final results
● Identify areas that require attention and work with the Software project management team to ensure time and resources are dedicated to continually improving our situation and reducing areas of concern
● Stays current on relevant technology and conducts necessary research and development testing to assess emerging technology options


• Bachelors degree in relevant field or equivalent experience
• 5-8 years relevant experience
• Strong communicator - able to use language to accurately convey changes to and from non-technical staff
• Ability to work on multiple projects and prioritize tasks for each
• Exceptional initiative and attention to detail
• Must love design and have strong aesthetic and critical faculties
• A demonstrated track record of gaining trust and respect by consistently demonstrating sound creative, strategic, and analytical thinking skills, while maintaining composure in stressful situations.
• Derivative TouchDesigner / Python 3.x
• OpenFrameworks / C++
• iOS development - Objective C, Swift
• OpenGL, GLSL, WebGL
• Unity / C#
• Cycling ’74 Max
• Processing
• Source control using Git
• Full stack web technologies
• Django
• Javascript and relevant frameworks, including Node.js, jquery
• Database familiarity (MySQL, Postgres, SQLite)
• three.js, or other 2D/3D web graphics framework
• Familiarity with media communication protocols (UDP, MIDI, DMX, Art-Net, OSC, etc)
• General graphic design
• 3d Modeling and pre-vis: Maya, 3ds Max, WYSIWYG, Oculus, Vive
• Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator
• Understanding of projectors, lenses, and cameras Understanding of audio and music technologies
• Understanding of software development and release cycles
• Knowledge of event production procedures
• Experience with all three major platforms: MacOS, Windows, Linux

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