Octo Mk2 with TD


Anyone use this device with Touch Designer? Wondering if you have had any compatibility issues?


pinging @GRNCH, I think you’re using one with TD?

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If you are referring to the EntTec Octo Mk2 LED Pixel Controller:

Then yeah it almost certainly should be compatible since it accepts Art-Net, sACN and KiNet, all of which TouchDesigner can output. I haven’t actually tried one in person, but I have used other EntTec LED Pixel devices with TouchDesigner (Pixellator) and they work fine, so I can’t see any reason their newer Octo devices would not.

Both @nettoyeur and @Peeet are correct. I use this controller with no compatibility issues. Are you having a specific issue?

No, I am about to buy one. Thanks for the reply.

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Yes, this one. Thank you.