Oculus Quest support for TouchDesigner

Are there Oculus Quest support of TouchDesigner.
The way to use TouchiDesigner in Oculus Rift is described in this forum.
I am thinking to apply the way of Oculus Rift to Oculus Quest if they are compatible.
Additionally we need to consider that Oculus Quest is Android.

Is there people who is trying to apply TouchDesigner to Oculus Quest.

While you could prototype ideas in an oculus for oculus quest, since there is no Android support in TouchDesigner (and none planned) there is unfortunately no way to get your work directly to an oculus quest system.

Looks like this was just announced yesterday:

arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/09/ … r-headset/

You may be able to use the quest as a wired VR headset soon, if that’ s useful in prototyping.

Has anyone tested the new oculus link (Beta) with TD and Oculus op ?
Is it working like a Rift for TD ?

Thanks !


Yes, It works the same as the Rift S.


Hi, I’ve just ordered a Quest 2, in part hopefully to use with TD as a way of viewing installation prototypes but also creating artistic experiences and recording the output etc.

So it seems that Rift S is being discontinued, but Quest 2 with Link should offer as good as the Rift S for PC based VR for Touchdesigner (also there’s a virtual desktop app which looks good),

Will I be able to use all the TD Oculus Rift components the same as if the Quest 2 was a Rift S?

Also any plans to update these to make them more Quest 2 friendly? Or maybe that’s not necessary…I’ll guess I’ll find out when I work with it. :slight_smile:

I would also like to know this - will Quest 2 be properly compatabke with touch ? Ie can I design content in touch for use with Quest 2 , what about oculus go which can work as a standalone with no computer at all - can I design content for that with touch ?

I have a Quest and Quest 2. I got two of the tests working on the Quest and Quest 2, the wormhole demo doesn’t show anything rendering in each eye. The demo zip link is located on this page: https://docs.derivative.ca/Oculus_Rift

I noticed that the resolution was a lot softer in the non-commercial version of TouchDesigner, I think maybe because of the rendering cap for output? It’s still not as crisp as regular content with the commercial TouchDesigner on an RTX 2070 Super.

If anyone else is using a Quest/Quest 2 with TouchDesigner please post settings that are working.

Thanks, this is awesome!

You will need a copy of TouchDesigner running on a computer to use a VR headset, so standalone on the Quest won’t work… unless Derivative creates an app that can? Nudge nudge.

Hi Johnbgoode
I guess what I want to know, is if I design content in touch using a computer can I export it somehow to occulus go or similar?