Official Build 099 2019.15840 posted

While we have included a few small new additions to existing features, this build’s release really focuses on smoothing out the bugs you have reported in the Spring Update.
Thanks for your reports and support!

Release Notes


Wooo! thanks a ton :slight_smile:

Any ideas on when we can expect that very obscure, probably little used feature/bug about the text top font stroke width not being adjustable?

I can find a work around just wondering if I should start working towards that or hold off for a bit longer.


Stroke width will work in the next build we post. I’m not super happy with the quality of stroke rendering right now though to be honest… looking at other solutions

Appreciate the info!

My only reason for using it is to make it possible to thicken a font I chose, that is super thin and doesn’t render well at low resolutions.

I’ll start poking at some other options too.

Also really hoping for the text stroke to work properly (stroke width and anti-alias parameters currently not working). Any chance this can be fixed in the next few weeks as have a lot of use for it an upcoming commercial project!? Thanks in advance.

In case not fixed, anyone of know of a workaround that produces the desired result properly?

Also, maybe not straight away but would it be possible to be able to add a stroke to text made with other display methods - like you can in most vector software like Illustrator? Its usually what you need rather than just an outline.