Official Build 2019.15230 posted

Hot on the heels of our Spring Official Release last week, we have a new build ready to quickly address some of the early bugs you found. As we all move projects over to the new official this is bound to happen, we will fix your reported issues and get new builds to you as quickly as possible to help with the transition.

Additionally, we’re excited to include support for in this build with the new Notch TOP. This has been in testing for a few months now and it is ready for Notch users who want another playback system for their Notch Blocks.

Support for Stype camera tracking is also ready in the new Stype CHOP and Stype TOP operators. Stype offers an optical camera tracking system for live broadcast and movie production.

Refer to the release notes for a full change log and list of all the bugs fixed.

Release Notes


Damn that’s a $5,000 feature. OH boy

FYI for notch usage all of the normal licenses still apply, on top of needing a TD Pro license.

So to run any content at 1080p or less, you need a Notch Pro suscription (£199 / month), and if you want to render real time above 1080p you need a standalone playback license, (£800 per month or £2500 per year, per machine).

Other than the cost, the new notch integration is pretty amazing - since it’s a notch block the render times are significantly faster than the same project running in Builder.