Official Build 2020.22080 posted

We hope you are safe and healthy wherever you may be in the world. We’ve been busy preparing a big update for you this month! We are excited to release our native support for Nvidia Flex particle simulations and we’ve also added some new features to help enable live streaming which many of us are experimenting with during these challenging times.

Release Notes

For streaming from TouchDesigner we’ve added a couple of things.
First we have the NDI TOPs now available using Non-Commercial licenses. This will allow anyone to send a TouchDesigner TOP with audio to streaming social services such as YouTube, Zoom, Slack, Skype and more. There are 2 recent Blogs in the COMMUNITY section that discuss how to do this using NDI Tools that you will find helpful for setup tips.

Second, the Video Stream Out TOP now supports RTMP streaming which lets it send video and audio to and service that ingests RTMP streams. Twitch and Mixer are examples that work great, and Youtube should as well but we are currently still working out some issues connecting to YouTube, your mileage may vary.

The biggest feature we are announcing in this build is our built-in Nvidia Flex support! Nvidia Flex is a particle-based physics simulator that uses a particle representation for all object types. The behavior in the simulation is defined by the type of substance: rigid, soft, fluid, rope, cloth, and because all bodies in a Flex simulation are represented by particles, all substances can be simulated together seamlessly without the need for multiple solvers. As a Nvidia SDK that requires CUDA, this feature’s system requirements are a Nvidia GPU on Windows.

Check out the Nvidia Flex OP Snippets for an introduction and you can also refer to this Nvidia Flex help page for additional information.

TDAbleton v1.23 is also a major update you should look at. Installing TDAbleton has always been a little challenging but no longer, we now have a built-in TDAbleton installer that takes care of everything in 1-click! Furthermore, a new Update System allows you to add the new TDAbleton package to your project and update all your components with 1-click. There are also a dozen other new features and fixes to check out in the release notes.

The Kinect Azure CHOP and the Laser CHOP got some new features, so if you use them check it out.

And of course we’ve been very busy working on all your bug reports, thank you for the time you’ve taken to provide us with reports and examples to track these down. You’ll find the details of dozens of bug fixes and improvements at the bottom of the Release Notes.

Thanks, we hope you are all safe and healthy!


Hey, the release notes state that TDAbleton is installed via the Utilities page. What is that please? I’ve looked around, googled, looked in the wiki, I can’t work it out. Thanks

Hi, been waiting for this update! Thanks a lot! Is it possible to use the Stream out top on Mac OS with a new Radeon Pro card? Getting an error, because the Nvidia encoder is not supported. Is there an workaround? Thanks in advance

@DrVenkman The Utilities page is a parameter page on the TDAbleton component. For full instructions on installing check the TDAbleton help page

@stanley.from.96 Sorry, the Video Stream Out TOP uses Nvidia hardware encoder to encode to H264, and as such is a Nvidia GPU-Windows-only feature. I realize now this is not expressed in the documentation which I will update. On macOS, I would use the SyphonSpout TOP directly to OBS and RTMP out from there (if that is your goal, Windows users can’t do this because OBS does not natively support Spout). Syphon is memory sharing technology so there is zero latency or quality drop and it runs at full frame rate.

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Good news, Youtube is working fine with the RTMP streaming, it was just some settings issues we had during testing. Facebook live streaming confirmed working as well.

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I just tried to set up td ableton myself and also found no ‘utilities’ page. my interpretation: the way in which tdableton is installed in the latest build uses an utilities page in the tdableton component which , up until this version, did not exist -so if you have anything but the latest version of TD you will not see any ‘utilities’ page under tdableton parameters. the previous instructions (which i cannot find now, have they been scrubbed from site? ) would allow for a manual install of tdableton components into ableton.

So it seems you have to upgrade touch or you have to research where the components were installed manually, and from what folders in touch.
Im looking at an install i used just a few months a go for a tour and now it seems I have to upgrade again, or figure out how to use td ableton in a slightly older build (2019.16600), if possible.

All wiki pages have fully history. To look for those specifics please check out the 'View History" for January 27 2020 and you’ll find that information you are looking for.

For some reason our build tagging for that help page is not showing up. I will look into that.
Yes, only the new TDAbleton has the Install options since it is a new feature.

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Sorry for confusion. I added a link to that older wiki in the new instructions.

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Thanks @ben for your response! I’m aware of the SyphonSpout TOP, but it would be really great to keep everything inside TouchDesigner. Maybe a long shot, but is there any chance for an alternative to the H.264 encoder on MacOS so the Video Stream Out TOP can be used?

We are researching it but it might be a while, no definite timeline yet.

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