Official Build 2020.23680 posted

This month the new official build really touches on all parts of TouchDesigner and goes especially deep with bug fixes and improvements.

Release Notes

In the list of New Features, people on Windows will be happy to see a new Windows Installer! This installer is super fast, supports multiple builds, custom build nametags, and a few other cool options.
Pro Tip - If you do not need Kinect Azure support, you can download the “LiteInstaller” which is over 300MB smaller! Download

Following up on our major streaming additions in April, some nice new tweaks bring Hardware Decoding for Video Stream In TOP and more encoding controls for the Video Stream Out TOP.

An entirely new Blob Track CHOP can take in tx and ty channels to track blobs, this is very useful for 2D scanners like the Hokuyo CHOP and other sensor data in you have in CHOPs.

The MIDI In CHOP now has the long requested Reset Channels and Reset Values parameters just like the OSC IN CHOP.

In the Palette, you will now find all the mapping related tools in a new Mapping Folder, and number of fixes to these tools have been implemented as well.
Also check out the new virtualFile Component that takes advantage of the full pythonization we did of TouchDesigner VFS - Virtual File System which was previously stuck in tscript :grimacing:.
Weeding out more tscript, you will now find full python support for the Window Placement Dialog and Perform Mode features in the Project Class and UI Class.

There are some other nice new additions and a massive list of improvements and bug fixes so head over to the Release Notes and start scrolling to find out if your bug got squashed!