Official Build 2020.24520 posted

This month we’ve focused on updating our support for a number of software and hardware SDKs while squashing as many bugs as we could.

Release Notes

First, we’re announcing that the Notch TOP now works with Commercial and Educational licenses. With these licences you can now run up to 2 Notch TOPs at 1920x1080 resolutions enabling loading and mixing of multiple Notch Blocks.

The NDI support in TouchDesigner has now been updated to NDI 4.5 SDK.

Kinect Azure received an update to both the Sensor SDK 1.4.0 and the Body tracking SDK 1.0.1. There is also a new parameter to set sensor orientation which will help with tracking when mounted in different orientations.

The Substance TOP was improved after some important findings which fixed issues with sRGB to linear color space handling and a new parameter to invert the normal maps of .sbsar Substance materials.

We also took a deep look at DirectShow support in the Video Device In TOP and found ways to improve it. It will support more cameras now than before and also allows those camera’s resolutions to be controlled via the Signal Format parameter, something that was only previously possible using the Media Foundation library which is generally not as compatible with such a wide array of devices.

As usual, there is a great long list of improvements and bug fixes so please check out the Release Notes for the full changelog and to download.


Cheers! Big ups for changing the Notch licensing, the NDI bit error fix, the ‘TOP_GeneralInfo.memFirstPixel’ fix, and the additional Engine Comp fixes.

Installer re-implemented /Extract: extract the installer to /DIR or if not specified parallel to itself. Optional /Extract-full will include all vsredistributables, universalCRTs and KBUpdates.

Also, big thanks for adding this to the installer.


Thank you all SO much for adding Notch TOP to Commercial/Edu. This is a game changer. Also stoked for the Video Device In TOP improvements. Cheers!

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