Official Build 2020.26630 posted

We have a major update for Official builds today, 2020.26630 is now available!

This took us a bit longer to get out than usual as we hunkered down and fixed dozens and dozens of your reported bugs before delivering this new version. Please check the release notes for the insanely long list of improvements.

Release Notes

There’s also a few exciting new features to talk about.

Script TOP allows you to get data directly from Python into a TOP using copyNumpyArray(), this should make like easier for everyone working with openCV!

Engine COMP now supports DATs In/Out and is also now working on macOS.

Table DAT now has the ‘Sync to File’ feature that the Text DAT has.

NDI SDK has been upgraded to the latest and the Touch In/Touch Out TOPs received a major overhaul for smoother playback and higher performance.

As mentioned, there are too many bug fixes to list here, so please check the release notes. We thank you for the time and effort spent in reporting these bugs and helping us with your examples and explanations. We tried to fix as many reported bugs as possible for this build so let us know how everything’s working, we look forward to your feedback.

Download and Release Notes


Hi Ben, there seems to be a bug affecting channel lengths when modifying parameter values. The amount of samples in my CHOP networks get bumped down to 1 for the duration of time that a parameter is being changed.

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