Old forum searchresults in duckduckgo not forwarded to new forum

old forum messages that were indexed in Google are forwarded to the new forum messages very nicely.

But I noticed all forum messages are indexed differently in duckduckgo.com & Bing & Yahoo , and most of them end up on a “page not found” on the new site.

for instance this forum tread is indexed in DuckDuckGo & Bing & Yahoo like:
(which generates a page not found on the new site)

but in Google it is indexed like:
(which is perfectly forwarded to that same new message on the new forum)

You can check this by searching for
rotate along path site:www.derivative.ca/forum
on Google/DuckDuckGo

I realize us privacy-loving-DuckDuckGo users are just a tiny fraction of your Google users, but hey, can we get some love :wink:

We’ll look into if that is possible…

This should be fixed now, thanks for the report.

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