One serial// COM (arduinosensor) into multiple projects?

hello, i am currently working on my (first) arduino-to-touchdesigner project. for this i have connected an arduino in touchdesigner. and i have created two projects which should access the sonsordata each. it works separately but not at the same time (when i want to add/start the second project i get the information that the port is already used). any advises how to make that both projects can access the same serial (COM) at the same time?
i am glad about good hints- merci

A workaround could be to have one TD process to receive serial from your Arduino; in that same TD you can send OSCout or Touchout to the other TD process that will receive the Arduino data via the osc in or Touchin

I hope it helps!

You could use chataigne, a lite app which works with protocols, so receiving serial in chataigne and sending Osc messages or midi or…