Only one Serial DAT/CHOP will work at the same time with Arduino. Any ideas?

Hello there!

It’s my first post, and I want to ask you about something that I can’t solve by myself. I am working with Arduino to Touchdesigner, pretty basic stuff such a rotatory knob. I am using Serial DAT and Serial CHOP. Despite of the problem that I can’t upload any modifications of the Arduino code while I have TouchDesigner opened (it looks like the port is busy), the real matter comes when I try to use a Serial DAT and a Serial CHOP at the same time, it looks like only one of them will work, and the other one says that it couldn’t connect to the device.

Same problem happens when I try to use two Serial DATs at the same time, only one of them will work.

Do you know how to solve this? Any idea?

Thank you very much!! Cheers!

Its a completely normal behavior! You can have only one serial link open.
So if you want to upload some code with Arduino IDE, you have to deactivate your serial DAT.
The same occur with serial CHOP and DAT.
That’s the joy of serial connections.
My way to avoid that is to program my Ethernet equipped Arduino to use OSC for communication, so the serial port stay free.

Thank you very much for your reply Jacques!
I didn’t know that about Serial behaviour, I am even thinking on using two Arduino boards, connecting each one of them to a different USB Port, in order to see if Touchdesigner could use two different Serial ports at the same time. I don’t if you mean that it will only be able to read only one of them.

However, I am interested in what you’ve said about OSC operators. I did a quick research on youtube, but I see that most of the people use it to connect iPads or phones to Touchdesigner, not to Arduino. The Arduino to TD tutorials that I’ve seen always use Serial DAT. Could you please tell me a little more about how to use Arduino and OSC operators, please? Or in case you know any tutorial about the matter, please, let me know!

Sorry if I have been misunderstood… You can connect several arduinos to TD, if you have sufficient USB connection but you cannot connect several Operators or Applications to the same serial connexion.
Concerning OSC, you need a ethernet shield for your Arduino and code including Ethernet and Osc libraries. So you can have a serial connection to update your code and a RJ45 connexion for data.
Its not so trivial but when tuned, it works very well.
I have no sample at the moment but you can look here