Op create dialog depth layer should be higher then floating pane

I find that when working in a floating pane, using the op create dialog from tab or a double click can be really annoying because it pops up behind these other floating panes. Considering this dialog is never something you’d want behind anything else, can we give it the highest priority depth layer by default?


True! This happens sometimes when I am onsite and working in a floating network window over a perform window.

As you’ve probably noticed, the opcreate is not an actual OS floating window. There is no way to have it appear over floating windows without changing that. Would it be worth the usual framerate hit to create an actual OS floating window? I think the question comes down to how much people use opcreate during a performance. Live-coders gonna hate it!

Interested in people’s thoughts here!

Ideally neither would open a window. instead both should open in an upcoming „Overlay“ (or whatever it will be called) COMP. You know, the one we talked about in regards to being kicked out of exclusive mode with color pickers, pop menus, …

But that would limit floating panes to the main window. Not sure if people use floating panes “outside” of the main window or not

It would be kinda neat if it opened over whichever network pane currently has focus as a built in overlay maybe?

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That might be possible, but doesn’t solve the issue where it’s under other floating windows like par dialogs or views or whatever

i don’t mind it being under par dialogs or views. For me, the issue is popping up floating network panes when I’m in perform mode, and then not being able to see an op create dialog anywhere. parameter windows can be moved out of the way, same with view, but if i have a fullscreen network pane, there’s no way to see an op create dialog at all, and alt tabbing to find that floating window will active the lost focus close call, which means closing out of my UI and moving the network to be able to see an op create dialog, killing the efficacy of having the network popup to begin with

I might be misunderstanding the problem here. Can you give me step by step instructions on how to see this?

trying to reproduce the example from scratch, everything is behaving properly, but in my monster sessions, using TDF.showInPane to create a floating network, double clicking instantiates opCreate dialogs that are beneath that floating pane. doing the same from a clean session doesn’t seem to have the same problem, so its likely on my end, or a weird edge case based on the number of floating panes I have or some depth layer setting somewhere

I didn’t realize this is an intermittent thing.

If anyone manages to create a reproducible example, please ping me and I’ll push this up the queue!

Nor did I, I just assumed it was standard behavior. I’m in the grind and can’t get lost in the sauce on this now, but I’ll investigate and see if i can reproduce after this next job

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sitting with Markus, might be a difference in using TDF vs standard Tscript way of opening floating network

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