OP to Audio CHOP example

This will require a recent release date (ie: release date after Feb 2009).
Basically take the audio from your PC and plug into a scope set to XY mode to free yourself
from fancy hi-res LCD monitors…

audio_demo.tox (10.5 KB)

Hi Rob, it looks nice from a still I get with build 1440.

there isn’t any experimental build for download.
OK, I’ll wait then…


hey Felix, there’s an experimental build

Geez! was it always there? I missed the download link, wake up, me!

working now, wait! it’s quantum physics!


Very very very nice Rob!
Thanks, and I will be exploring this one a lot!

Thanks Jim.

Heres some recently posted video of the new OP in action:



Oh you are a sick one!
Love it!
Is there sound on any of these?

Unfortunately theres no sound, the sound output was fed directly into the scope.
I do have the original wav files.
I should post one.
It sounds like a vintage atari racing game.

Atari eh?
Makes me want to see old video games on the scope.
Asteroids, Space Invaders, Battle Zone… and my old favorite, Robotron.
I loved the fast Williams games.
Learned how to control the Behringer BCF2000 by playing Defender.

Great games!
When outputting geometry, it draws the edges extremely sharply so thats a treat.