OpenCV + arUco markers

Hi Guys,
I’m fairly new to Touchdesigner and very new to Python, I’m currently working on something that would work best with arUco. I found a couple of tutorials online about how to get it to work with my current version (2020.28110), but I just can’t get it to work. So, my question has two parts;

  1. Is there something akin to arUco, or comparable, already in Touchdesigner that I could use (its for AR from a live camera feed)
  2. Are there any plans to include the opencv contrib libraries in upcoming updates of TD? If so I’ll just wait til its included to do this part of the project.


I haven’t seen an example in TouchDesigner, but I recently shared a brief guide on building OpenCV with the contrib modules:

If you’re comfortable with C++ I would suggest jumping right in and doing it in a custom C++ plugin rather than Python. There are a few C++ tutorials for aruco:

In this file ( you’d remove the references to libtorch ( You’d also rename PyTorchTOP in a few places ( to whatever project name you want.

The contrib modules are in experimental, so I think they will be in the official builds soon. Search in