OpenCV Face Detect demo

Hi guys. Trying to get this OpenCV faceDetect demo working.

I’m a bit of a noob when it comes to Windows and DLLs.
There is a CPlusPlus TOP in the sample .toe asking for a DLL. What should I target?

Also the demo requires OpenCV3.41 DLLs which I have downloaded but have no idea how I should install them so that Touch will work with them.

There’s a file called opencv_world341.dll in your downloaded opencv\build\x64\vc14\bin
copy that to the touch project alongside the other dll file and it should work

Thanks will give that a try.

Ok have done as suggested.
Copied the OpenCV DLL to the same location as the project DLL (see picture 1)

Then defined the DLL Path in the CPlusPlus TOP (see picture 2)

But now getting an error (see picture 3)
The loaded DLL does not contain the required functions for the CPlus Interface…

Is it possible this ONLY works with TD099 Commercial?


I am guessing this must have to do with TD 088 vs 099 CPlusPlus TOP changes. But would like a confirmation so that I can convince my employer to get a 099 license.

At the bottom of the Github page it says
“You also need the latest version of Touchdesigner, which at this moment is 2018.25000”
I just got it working in 099 with zero issues.

Version 1.5 has been uploaded to the original github repo and is way easier to use than the previous version

FYI: I tried and failed getting this file to work in the new version 2019.16600
It has something to do with the dll. but I can’t figure out why. It just crashes before the network even opens.

You had it working previously, what was the last build it worked in for you?



I just grabbed my master branch and tried it out with the latest Stable release branch.

If you run the cpp.toe, it will crash, because the release was compiled against an older header.

But if you use the custom-op.toe, it seems to work just fine, given that you have placed the custom op in the correct folder.

We are actually going to do a minor release today or tomorrow. We are dropping support for the cplusplus top version, since it has been completely replaced by the custom operators.

Thank you.


A minor release was pushed out yesterday. It should just be download and run at this point.