OpenCV3 FaceDetect C++ TOP

Hi folks, I created a C++ TOP at the request of Greg Finger of PLGRM Visuals. You can find the code here on GitHub

Feel free to branch, modify and etc.

I did include a compiled DLL with this, so, you can try it out without compiling the code yourself. Though, you do need to download the OpenCV3 binary distro from The dll was compiled against 3.4.1.

Please check Readme and the very nice demo TD project that Greg has created, which is also on Github.

Have fun.

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Hey mouren,

thanks for this post! looks promising… Im trying to get it work but somehow it doesnt. When I load the example file it gives me an error saying “failed to load the dll”.

I tried compiling a dll here with Visual Studio 2017, but thats not my strongest. I somehow cant get it working… Any pointers on compiling the code on my Windows 10, 64 bit machine?



I also have not had any luck getting this to run, I thought at first my environment variables were off, but I tried everything to fix that. still no dice… been looking through the source and I cant seem to find anything I could be doing wrong.

Any idea if I can manually put the openccv dlls somewhere ?

Got it with help from :elburz: … it was an issue with my environment variables, needs the path to the vc15 *version in the OPENCV_DIR var and then the path var needs the whole path the the bin , so OPENCV_DIR - C:\OpenCV\opencv\build\x64\vc15 (in my case) and then in “path” variable we need to add : “C:\OpenCV\opencv\build\x64\vc15\bin”

This has been updated and is now much easier to use and implement.

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Hey guys,

so sorry about not replying. I didn’t check the forum for a very long time, been occupied with a few other things.

In the future, please start an issue on github. That would send me a notice, and I should respond much quicker.

I am glad you guys got it working.

As Why pointed out, it just got a major update. Along with the update, I also revamped the documentation, with much more detailed instructions on how to get it compiled on both Mac and Windows, as well as how to run it on either Mac and Windows.

Again, apologies. Hope you guys are getting some good use out of it.


Any chance non-coders can make it work? I have an error, saying cannot find parameter Sanity check.
Also an error for the older version - the plugin cannot be found on the system. Thank you in advance for some directions. Best, Anna

Hi Anna, sorry for the late reply. I haven’t logged onto the forum in a while.

We haven’t updated the plugin in a while, I think there are better ways of doing this at this point, such as using the opencv stuff built in, which you can access via Python.