openFrameworks + TouchDesigner install


I am trying to follow this page to use openFrameworks within TouchDesigner: … Frameworks

It seems to be identical to the wiki page for TouchDesigner 088. I am getting stuck particularly at this step:

9) Click “View > Property Manager”. Expand the CPlusPlus TOP project. For each of the debug folders, right click and click “Add Existing Property Sheet”. Locate the folder where openFrameworks was unzipped and select:


10) Do the same for the release folders, except instead select:


The files aren’t called CPlusPlus in the new version of openFrameworks and I’m not sure where or how to locate the debug folders. Any help around this would be appreciated!

I think for newer versions of Visual Studio the Property Manager page is under “View > Other Windows > Property Manager”. Let me know if you still can’t find it. This will open the Property Manager where you can add the necessary property sheets by right-clicking the CPlusPlus directory.

I’m not sure what you mean by the last part, but the “folders” it’s referring to in this step are the ones located in the Property Manager.

Thanks!! That solved it :slight_smile: