Openframeworks updates

The openframeworks doco is out of date. Now that the v0.9 release supports building to Touch 64bit it would be great to get a refresh. … Frameworks

Using the existing page as a starting point to get OpenGLTOP sample working with v0.9 64bit compiled in Visual Studio 2015 Community

Substitute OpenGLTOP for CPlusPlusTOPExample throughout

  1. Click “View > Property Manager”.
  1. Click “View > Other Windows > Property Manager”.

Don’t add this line: ofGLReadyCallback();

Thanks for these instructions. I was able to get the basic C++ TOP working (rotating black and white rectangles). Now I’m trying to use this openFrameworks addon I used the openFrameworks addons manager to add it. I’m able to rebuild the dll, but opening it in Touch results in a crash. Could you give any tips on my Visual Studio 2015 build settings? Maybe TouchDesigner is looking for a separate dll, but it can’t find it.

These settings are what I saw after using the addons manager.

All Configurations and all platforms:
Configuration Properties >> C/C++ >> General >>
Additional Include Directories

It seems that the declaration of opticalFlow in OpenGLTOP.h is responsible for the crash.

ftOpticalFlow		opticalFlow;

I’m not sure why just a declaration would cause it to break since it compiles without any issues.

There must be work getting done during the construction of that object. Try stepping into it on the line where it’s created. If it’s declared as a member variable in your class, step into the ‘new’ line that creates your class.

Hello, has anyone had luck with running of 0.9?

I followed the instructions with the update from michela, but as soon as I drop in the line “ofSetupOpenGL(&myWindow, 0, 0, OF_WINDOW);” my dll won’t load anymore. :frowning: