OpenGL Cplusplus Top conversion to current builds

I have built a CPlusPlus TOP with OpenGL, and would like to know how best to adapt it to work with the current Vulkan setup.

The graphical aspects of the TOP are based on vertex buffer objects for vertices and colours, and uses glsl shaders.

I have no experience with CUDA, but happy to start learning if this is the way to go.

I have seen some articles around about using OpenGL with CUDA, would this be a route worth considering?

I could split the TOP into a CHOP and use some of TD’s graphics options, but it seems faster and more convenient to keep it all on one TOP.

Thank you!

There isn’t a great way to do this right now, but yeah CUDA would be the only way. It would be quite complex though. You’d need to build up your own OpenGL context, manage GL<->CUDA sharing, and then manage copying the results of your OpenGL render into the CUDA memory, along with using semaphores to properly sync all the operations

Thanks a lot Malcom, I appreciate your help and it is good to know the way to approach this at the moment.