OpenGL Starter Kit

New to graphics programming and wanted to get started by learning OpenGL using Touchdesigner and it’s glsl top. I wanted to know what is all that I would need to get started down this deep rabbit hole of OpenGL inside of Touchdesigner. Is it necessary to download GLFW, GLUT, or CMake? I am using Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code as my external editor in Touchdesigner with extensions for glsl and C/C++, would I need anything else in order to take the serious dive? Please let me know.

The GLSL TOP only works with the GLSL portion of OpenGL, the shading language. So you don’t need to download any external tools or libs at all. It’s a great way to start playing with GLSL.
If you are looking to learn OpenGL proper, such as issue drawing commands, allocating textures and renderbuffers etc, then likely doing that standalone with the tools you mentioned is the way to go. You could do it in a C++ TOP as well (we have a basic OpenGL C++ TOP example included), but likely not the most efficient way to learn OpenGL honestly.


Preciate it Malcolm. I’d really like to stay within the Touchdesigner ecosystem and learn everything there is to know about OpenGL, I’m very interested in it and it’s capabilities because of Touchdesigner so if there is a way for me to get the same results while staying in TD please let me know or what would you recommend.

In that case focus on GLSL using the GLSL TOP and GLSL MAT. That will get you very far in terms of shader writing. Some great resources out there for this too.

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thanks man, god bless :v:t5: