Opengl top example, keeps cooking despite cookEveryFrame = 0

Opengl top example, keeps cooking despite cookEveryFrame = false
all i did is
modify this line : “ginfo->cookEveryFrame = false;”

attached video showing the behavior:

Keep up the good work


That already defaults to false, so settting it won’t change things. That variable will force it to always cook no matter what, if set to true. The node can still cook for other normal reasons, outlined here:

Hi Malcolm,
thanks for the reply,
If you notice in the video.

cookEveryFrame = 0
If i change parameter value with the keyboard
the node not cook every frame, as expected.
If i do the same with the mouse - and stop changing the parameter -
the node keep cooking — is it expected ?

this is the original sample that comes
with the cpp samples.
anyway - not looks consistent …

I still think its a bug :unamused: .
I`m not able to work around it.

If you can email in your .toe file we can take a closer look at the issue.

Hi Malcolm,
you can reproduce it with opengl top sample.
check this video ( fast forward if needed) … sp=sharing

Thanks for the example. I found that the TOP_GeneralInfo::cookEveryFrameIfAsked variable was left uninitialized by accident, so sometimes it would be true and other times it would be false, unless the code in getGeneralInfo() set it directly. This explains the inconsistent behavior you were seeing.

This will be fixed in the next build, for now you can just set info->cookEveryFrameIfAsked = false in getGeneralInfo() to avoid the bug. That line won’t affect behavior in the next build where things are fixed, since that is what it should have been defaulting to anyways.


thanks malcolm
just heads up
ib my code i already set it to false
and its still not consistent sometime.

i will share with you soon.