Operator links disappears on Mac


I’m having an issue in basic network editor, which the link between operators becomes invisible on mac(both Intel and M chips).
Only the last link been made remains visible and the rest disappears.

Couldn’t find any related post, so it might be me doing something wrong.
However all of my students who were using Mac had the same problem during a basic SOP editing workshop, which was about just transforming and merging basic primitive geos.

I could not find a way to replicate the problem, since it just seems to happen with no reason (it once happened when I was copy and pasting a select CHOP).

Here’s a screenshot of it.

Sorry for not being able to clarify the problem but I wish somebody could take a look at it.
Thanks in advance.

RTG2022_week10_wsfile.toe (7.9 KB)

Please specify which build of TouchDesigner you are using and your macOS hardware configuration. Thanks

Hi, I’m having a very similar issue. But my links reappears if I zoom very close to the node.

Check this video for an example

I’m using below config:


Please update to the latest version of macOS 12 at a minimum. If you can update to macOS 13, we recommend it.

Also we suggest using the latest TouchDesigner which is now 2022.33600, there are dozens of macOS bug fixes since the version you are using and this problem might already be resolved.