Operator Snippets missing some operators

I think it would help beginners a lot if the all the operators would have examples.
It is quite strange to not find an operator in the operator snippets.

even for relatively “simple” operators, having a bunch of examples to look at, would be beneficial.
that would help also to illustrate each operator specific function and possible applications.

Just putting it out there as a comment/feedback

I totally agree


Perhaps they could be crowd-sourced from the community?

Set up a google form or something and have folks submit snippets for review and potential inclusion.



Definitely agree!
Ex: how can something as useful as objectCHOP have no examples!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey all, if you have snippets that you would generously offer for inclusion with TouchDesigner please email them to snippets@derivative.ca. (That email was more obvious in older builds!)

Thanks to those who have contributed snippets already. Each contributed snippet takes some effort on Derivative’s end (primarily by yours truly) to screen, polish and assure they follow current best practices. So they may not end up in the same form they started. But we do appreciate the contributions and all your insights.

We will make the address snippets@derivative.ca more apparent in upcoming builds, and may change it to be form-based as suggested.

… toward boosting all of our TouchDesigner skills!

Greg H