Opfind DAT callback bug

I want to print ‘something’ every time I create an operator inside a container (with an opfind DAT that searches for new operators inside the container). The callback is running only when I am in ‘always cooking’ mode or when I press pulse to force cook. Why does not run in ‘automatic’ mode?

opfind.toe (4.0 KB)

+1. I’ve been using OP Find DAT more and more. Seems like there’s a few little things in it like the automatic cook sometimes not triggering, as well as it seems that on every new operator found, it actually iterates through all operators found in the callback instead of just the new operator found. This makes it hard to do something like this where you want something to happen to new operators created but you dont want to run that script on operators you’ve already run it on. +1+1!

Was looking over this the other day - cooking works as expected when I’m looking at the DAT with the viewer active, but not when the viewer is off or I’m in another part of my network.

+1 love me this little operator, really handy. :slight_smile:

Reporting the cooking problem and requesting the callback for new OPs only.

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been running into this too… op find is the future, can’t wait for it to be fail proof

The callback issue will be fixed in builds 2020.24540 or later. Thanks for the report.