Optimising/Fixing a Writing Tablet to CHOPs Setup

Hello everyone !!

I’m just a beginner in Touch Designer, and my skills in Python are really basic level; but I’m amazed by all the possibilities in TD so I decided to develop a setup of my own!

My goal was to record my writing/scribbles/drawings on a tablet throughout the timeline as different channels, 2 channels per every stroke. I wanted to then save the merged channels as a .chan file which I later recover in Houdini for further alterations…
I was successful on doing it, however the setup is really unstable and I can’t grasp my head into how optimising/fixing it for it to be trully bulletproof.
Basically I’m taking the “select” value on the Panel CHOP, and then using the OnToOff state in the CHOP Exectue to copy/create nodes every time a new stroke is being drawn (record,trim…), and then merging them all before putting them in a FileOut.

Is anybody out there interested in sharing with me their methods for tackling this specific task? :slight_smile:

thank you so much !!

See the GestureCapture COMP in the Palette for some inspiration:

Oh yes true ! I had totally forgoetten about this one ! I’ll take a look at it again, thanks :cowboy_hat_face: